How to wash your hair like a pro

May 8, 2018 12:53 pm

Hands up if you dread washing your hair regularly!

Have you ever noticed how We hairdressers always shampoo your hair twice when your in the salon?

Here’s why you should do the same at home.

Let us explain

When washing our hair, the first shampoo is designed to open up the hair cuticle and remove product from the outside of our hair (hairspray, waxes etc)

Use a 20c piece size of shampoo, and rub your hands together. Apply the shampoo in different areas of your scalp to ensure you’ve got it everywhere. Now scrub! Don’t worry about the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, as the shampoo will spread further than you think, and the scalp is where you want to focus!

All of our NAK shampoos in salon are sulfate free, which means that it contains no harsh detergents, which are often the cause for an itchy scalp.
Good shampoos don’t lather straight away, so if your shampoo lathers and bubbles up like a sink full of dishes, you’re using sulfates
Now that your product buildup has been removed, its time to clean the hair thoroughly.

Hot tip for blondes * Use your cleansing shampoo first, then use your blonde shampoo for the second wash*

Apply your second shampoo to your hair, and emulsify. You’ll notice that this shampoo lathers far more, and that’s a good sign of it cleaning each strand of your hair. Be sure to focus around the hairline if you wear makeup, and at the back of your neck.
Rinse til all the bubbles are gone, and squeeze the extra water out

Now apply your favourite conditioner, or your weekly treatment. 20c piece amount in the palm of your hair should suffice, unless you’ve got extra length and thickness – add more as needed.
Apply the conditioner/treatment to the length of your hair and use your fingers or a wide tooth comb, to spread it towards the roots. You don’t want to apply the conditioner to your scalp as the scalp produces natural oils to protect and condition this area. Conditioning near your scalp will produce oily hair quicker.

Now give yourself a nice scalp massage if you have time. Leave conditioner on for a few minutes if you can, then rinse thoroughly. Make sure you can’t feel any residue left in the hair from the conditioner, as this will make styling more difficult.

And that’s how we wash hair.

How do you know if you’re using the right products in the shower?

Firstly, if you colour your hair, you’d want to make sure your products are colour safe. Brands that we pick up in the personal hygiene aisle at the supermarket are riddled with heavy silicones, detergents, sulfates and parabens (linked to causing cancer)
There’s recently been a study on a locally made supermarket shampoo advertising themselves using the words organic and hair care, that have been linked to cause breakage and hairloss.

Here’s a few suggestions to using the right products at home

Fine hair – We recommend NAK Body.n.Shine Shampoo/Conditioner (with marine proteins to strengthen your hair while giving you the ultimate cleanse)

Blonde hair – We love blondes, and we have so many options for you. Fanola NO Yellow is our go to shampoo if you HATE yellow and want to see white or silver tones. Keep in mind this product is super strong, so you dont want to over-do it (unless silvers your thing)

Everyday-Use Blonde – Aromas Blondes – this is our amazing botanical based vegan friendly shampoo and conditioner range – with a light to medium toning experience, this product is super hydrating and will leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

NAK Blonde Plus shampoo/conditioner – lightweight product that packs a punch with its violet toning properties, without weighing your hair down. Suitable for regular use on golden blondes or those who want creamy whites. Great for natural grey.

Dry Hair? Try Nourishing or Hydrating NAK Signature Range, or Aromas Colour. All designed for regular use, providing intense hydration from start to finish.

Frizzy Hair? Aromas Smooth Range – Complete with a leave in smoothing cream to ensure silky frizz free locks. Designed specifically for thicker hair.

Curly Hair? Aromas Curl range is soft and beautiful, designed to embrace your curls by keeping them lush and hydrated.

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